Monday, July 26, 2010

A Journey to The Stars - Chapter 1 - Vishnu and Sneha

One day little Vishnu was playing all by himself in the lovely garden adjacent to their house. It was all bright sunny day. The sky was clear. The cool breeze was flowing like a majestic river. The little birds were chriping on the nearby pine trees.

He was busy running around trying to catch the beautiful butterflies that were flying in the garden. Sometimes a small butterfly with shining wings would sit on the petals of the rose flower as if unaware of Vishnu's presence. The naughty Vishnu would think that the butterfly was not noticing him. He would slowly walk upto the rose plant. Just as his little palm and fingers would come close to touching the dotted wings, the butterfly would fly away! He would be left thinking as to why he was not able to outwit the butterfly.
Finally, he gave up chasing the butterflies. He sat down in the shade of a small tree. He looked upwards towards the sky. He saw white clouds passing by. He started counting them, ".One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten..." He would stop at the Ten, since he knew counting only upto ten. Then, he started couting again from one to ten. This, he repeated many times.
The sky turned slightly dark with darker clouds having replaced the cotton-like white clouds. The Sun was hidden behind this darkness. Suddenly, Vishnu saw a bright flash amongst the dark clouds. A ball of white light seemed hurtling downwards towards him only, from amidst the clouds. He was stunned. The white ball of light stopped just in front of him. Lo, the ball of white light turned into a beautiful fairy who was holding a magic wand in her left palms and smiling at him!
The little Vishnu looked at the beautiful fairy........................ be continued