Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Journey to The Stars

Chapter 1

Vishnu and Sneha

Vishnu and sneha were two brother and sister. Vishnu was aged around four and a half years and sneha around three years of age.They both lived with their parents in a mountainous region of Himalayas. Both were quite chirpy, bubbly and full of life. Vishnu was fond of running around in the adjoing forests and hiding for hours together. Sneha would then go to her mother crying. She would say, "....Mummy,Niddhu Bhaiya is lost...." She could not pronounce the word ‘Vishnu’ as ‘Vishnu’. She pronounced the word ‘Vishnu’ as ‘Niddhu’.Her mother would then go to the nearby pine forests and say aloudly, "Vishnu, where are you?Are you hiding on the tree top, are you hiding inside the caves, are you hiding in the Indian ocean, are you hiding in the rivers, are you hiding in the mangroves, are you hiding in the eastern ghats,
are you hiding in the western ghats, are you hiding in the planes, are you hiding inside sofasets, are you hiding in the stars....?" She would wait for a few minutes and then would stealthily walk towards a pine tree she knew Jishnu always hid behind. She would touch the shoulders of Vishnu who would be hiding his face towards the pine tree with both his eyes closed. She would say, "I have found Vishnu......". Then Vishnu would turn around with mischievous eyes and say, " Take me up in your arms." Whereupon, his mother would lovingly take him up in her arms and bring him home. Sneha would shout with joy on seeing Vishnu back. She would say,"Niddhu Bhaiya , where were you..I not found you." Vishnu would give a big smile and say, "I was in Stars.........!"

.......................to be continued!

A Journey To The Stars - Introduction

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